Welcome to the new site

Hello and welcome to the newly-revamped How to Survive website, and - for the first time - the How to Survive blog! Really, incredible stuff.

If you’re new to the podcast then Hi, and thanks for joining us. Here at How to Survive (as you might have guessed) we watch horror movies and talk about how we would survive if we found ourselves in them. That’s the idea anyway - as you can imagine, 120-ish films down the line we’ve gone off down some strange tangents, but you won’t find another podcast discussing the lifecycles of neolithic sponge organisms one minute and the teleporting logistics of Jason Voorhees the next.

We love horror, and if you do too, there’s plenty for you to enjoy already. All 115 mainline episodes of the podcast (plus a whole host of bonus episodes) are available to download from iTunes, each covering a film in detail and discussing what we liked, what we didn’t like and most importantly how we would survive. There’s a new episode every Wednesday and we cover all sorts of films, new & old, from horror to action to disaster movies (‘disaster’ often carrying an unfortunate double meaning).

On top of that, as of today we’ve also launched our first video podcast - How to Survive: The Saw Marathon - in which we watched all 7 Saw films back-to-back in an 11-hour ordeal. It’s quite an experience to sit through every twist, turn, trap and flashback, one after the other without stopping, so to liven things up we set ourselves challenges - can we saw through a bone quicker than Dr. Lawrence Gordon can saw through his?

Lastly, this blog will be the place to come for any irregular ramblings about cinema that don’t quite fit into the podcast. There’s no way of knowing how often it’ll be updated, so the only way to be sure is to check back religiously every single day as a matter of habit. Why not set it as your homepage?

If you think we’ve missed out a stone-cold classic - or an absolute horror show - then you can suggest a film for us to cover by emailing HowtoSurviveShow@gmail.com. Why not get in touch, suggest a movie and tell us how you would survive?