Dawn of the Dead (1978)

It's Episode 15 of How to Survive, and we're off to the shops! 

This week's focus is on Dawn of the Dead (1978), George A. Romero's classic zombie movie where the action goes down in an American shopping mall. The movie is perhaps more satirical than terrifying - especially by modern standards, but it still holds up as a classic movie, and a massively influential horror.

We talk about the benefits of focusing all of your waking thoughts on one thing at all times; the importance of never expressing any emotion; and the misplaced priorities of a biker gang armed with cream pies.

All of which leads to one big question:

How would you survive?

Whatever happens, one thing's for sure... we're thieves and we're bad guys... that's exactly what we are!

Another classic film solved by the best movie podcast in the world.