Spectre (2015)

It's episode 13 of How to Survive, and we're giving survival advice to the most enduring British film character ever: James Bond.

In Spectre, Bond takes on someone from his past - the notorious Franz Oberhauser!

In a movie which at times feels like a remake of the entire Bond saga at the same time, and never seems to be 5 minutes away from gut-churning action, the risks are high, and survival is surely difficult, but that's where we come in...

We talk about how a lack of socks can make someone seem entirely like an unhinged psychopath; how Daniel Craig may be the most British man who ever lived; and most importantly: which of us is better at predicting what will happen in a Bond film?

All of which leads to one big question:

How would you survive?

Whatever happens, one thing's for sure... we could never forget a face like yours.

Another classic film solved by the best movie podcast in the world.