The Hills Have Eyes (1977)

This week, Chris and Joe are talking about The Hills Have Eyes (1977), and how they would survive if they found themselves lost in the desert, hunted by a family of mutant cannibals! 

In memorial of master of modern horror, Wes Craven, we're digging into one of his most famous movies - and tearing it to shreds. 

The Hills Have Eyes is shocker-horror at its finest (and simultaneously at its worst).

Featuring gender politics that would make Michael Bay blush; an exploitative use of a genetic disorder in casting; and a plot which inexplicably treads a fine line between shocking and boring.

We talk about the relative merits of being a man in this movie's universe; the living contradiction of a life-long police officer who appears to have no experience in confrontation; and the inherent dangers of sprinting into blinding darkness in unknown terrain...

All of which leads to the ultimate question: 

How would you survive?

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Another classic film solved by the best movie podcast in the world.